Submit application to start campaign
To start a crowdfunding campaign, campaigners will need to submit an application.
Campaigners are individuals or non-profit organizations who are basing on Vetiver Grass System for their projects of erosion prevention, riverbank protection, reforestation, pollution mitigation, community and agricultural purpose.
The maximum raising target should not be over $US10,000.
The more attainable and specific the target is, the more likely the campaign is in popular project list and reach the target quickly.

VNVN verifies
VNVN will verify each application to prevent scam and fraud campaigns. We will get the applicants to be as transparent as possible so that the community sponsors can make an informed decision when funding a campaign.

Campaign page goes live
Once VNVN has verified an application, we will launch the crowdfunding campaign page. Each campaign is set for a fixed number of days, depending on its goal amount of money. Particularly:
– Under US$1,000: 30 days on live
– US$1,000 – $4000: 40 days on live
– Over US$5,000: 60 days on live
Each day will be counted down and the money raised will be tallied up for visitors to follow its success.

Raise funds
During the period that the campaign is active, campaigners will promote the campaign and raise funds. It has been proven that the probability of success of a campaign increases with more promotions and awareness.

Obtain fund raised
A campaign is deemed successful when it manages to raise at least 80% of the funding target that is not over US$10,000.
Fund raised will be transferred directly to the vetiver suppliers and the remaining amount will be channeled to campaigners. These are steps in place to protect the interest of sponsors and to prevent fund abuse.
VNVN charges a 5% fee to successful campaigns to cover operational and admin costs.
If a campaign does not manage to raise at least 80%, the campaign is deemed unsuccessful and funds will be notified to sponsors to sponsor a different campaign or the regular refund.

After fund raised
Under the VNVN’s technical advisor and monitor, campaigners have to ensure the success of their projects, provide updates and impact assessments.

Ready to start your own campaign?